am the Sunflower

Early SunSu (between 2002-05)

Sunflower Sutra is a band creating new music with a classic style.  The band's primary influences are those of the late 60s and 70s rock scenes, but they don't end there.  We also draw on the rest of rock history, as well as jazz, R&B, classic country, folk, and more.  We like too many things to settle on playing just one. 

A Sunflower Sutra experience is more than just live music.  We love to work with other artists, such as live dancers and painters, to create a festival-like atmosphere.

Sunflower Sutra was originally formed in Seattle in 2002, and has performed in many of the city's most popular venues, such as EMP (MoPop), The Crocodile, The Sunset Tavern, The Blue Moon Tavern, and The Central Saloon.


Music Sites

SunSu on Bandcamp  Sunflower Sutra on SoundCloud